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Laser Ablation Technology

Our Mission

To streamline labor-intensive maintenance processes using laser ablation technology.


What We Offer

Laser Technology

Lasers are everywhere from the grocery store scanner to the construction site. They target, heat, measure, scan, cut, weld, print and ablate. 


Ablation is the application we offer. Our lasers selectively remove oxidation (rust, corrosion) and unwanted coatings – paint, primer and sealants – from most metals and some composites.

CLC Advantages

Time Savings

Our laser is up to 10 times faster than current methods. Ablation is a nearly instantaneous method, saving blocks of time and resulting in significantly lower maintenance costs.

lower costs

The cost of laser technology has reduced over time. It is now available for many applications and we have several systems to match your need.


Over 95% of ablated materials are contained within the vacuum filter. Chemical exposure and hazmat residue are dramatically reduced.


Your solution is our problem. We have different laser technologies and can customize the solution to match your budget and your situation.


Our laser ablation solution has been approved by an AMOC to AD 2010-05-13 granting use of laser technology to remove coatings for inspection.



Our ablation application shortens time spans, eliminates the risk of excess material removal, reduces cleanup, and preserves aircraft surfaces and structures.

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Laser Ablation Has Many Applications

Commercial Aircraft & Equipment

Structural Cleaning of Bridge Components

Oil/Gas Pipes & Valves