Why CLC?

customer service

Our experienced staff of aerospace and laser professionals will partner with your team to implement this new technology into your maintenance programs safely and effectively.


CLC will work with your team to locate and optimize the effectiveness of laser stations in your maintenance operation.


CLC will help integrate laser safety into your safety plan to ensure a safe work environment.


Through our comprehensive training program , selected maintenance technicians will be provided with training and the opportunity to become a “Certified Laser Operator”.

lease options

Lease program for qualified customers provides cost effective solution with fixed maintenance costs.


Laser Technology Benefits

Paint & Sealant Removal

Safe for use on Clad Aluminum, Chromic Acid Anodized Aluminum, and Steel

Rust & Corrosion Removal

Easily removes rust and corrosion. Also Corrosion Limiting Chemicals (CLC) can be ablated from surfaces and parts


Fuselage joint sealant can be ablated at the rate of 1 foot in about a minute, making it a time and cost effective way of performing scribe mark inspections or sealant clean up during a repaint. 


Graffiti is a problem for most businesses. The laser ablates painted graffiti nicely and in particular from concrete. 

Graffiti Removal

Easily removes graffiti from concrete. Can be used to concrete cleaning as well

Environmentally Friendly

No solvents or chemicals are used in the ablation process.  Reduces the need for HAZMAT and reduces HAZMAT program costs.


Laser ablation was tested on Clad Aluminum as used by Boeing and Chromic Acid Anodized Aluminum as used by Airbus. In both cases, the Aluminum substrate was not damaged. 


No solvents or chemicals were used in the ablation process, making the use of the laser a clean and green operation contributing to the client’s low hazmat goals. 


CLC Lease Program

Our lease program, available to qualified customers, simplifies budgeting through fixed program costs. Capital expense appropriations can be avoided and operating expenses will be fixed. Included preventative maintenance also allows predictable maintenance costs.


No need to worry about obsolescence, laser systems can be upgraded without significant impact to operations or budget through lease extensions.

Minimal Downtime

Our laser systems have Uptime Redundancy Design (URD), a series of redundant components designed to prevent unexpected shutdowns and maximize uptime.

Platinum Care Maintenance Program

Downtime is also minimized through preventative maintenance performed during periodic visits in combination with an inventory of spare parts maintained on site.

We’ve worked hard to design a system that will remain in optimum condition. In the event of any issues, rapid resolution is just a phone call away.