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The amplification of light into a usable energy beam has quietly infiltrated our day to day technology. The laser is found in electronics, printing, surveying, medicine, welding, military and space exploration to name a few.

LASER at work

Ablation is the application utilized by Commercial Laser Corporation. The ability of the laser energy beam to treat surfaces in products and equipment makes the laser tool a valuable industry asset. In addition, the laser meets the desirable green methodology.

LASER savings

Laser speed and efficiency leads to the savings of time, labor and thus project costs. Business is always considering the bottom line and laser technology will contribute to the desired profitability.

Laser Services for the Aviation Industry
Laser technology is taking a larger and larger place within all industry. The aviation MRO (Maintenance-Repair-Overhaul) industry assuredly is destined to also rely on this technology. The laser is most capable of aiding aviation maintenance with the management of labor, time and FAA compliance. Project efficiency will be a major benefit of having laser technology working in the hanger. Ablation is at the core of a multitude of laser applications which can be available to the aviation maintenance shop.
Cutting Edge Green Innovations
Many industries are heavily dependent on the use of chemicals for preparation, cleaning and de-painting of equipment and project surfaces.  Lasers can surplace most of these tasks and thus eliminate chemicals, damage caused by chemicals, clean up and disposal after use and lastly Hazmat exposure to personal.  The laser is equipped with a Hi Power Vacuum that draws affluent from the point of ablation and then sends it through a  filtration system capturing 98%.
Affordable Technology
The incorporation of laser technology into a business leads to the headaches of equipment cost, maintenance requirements, operation and safety training for supervisors and operators. Commercial Laser Corp has in place a program to ease the financial burden and facilitate the maintenance and training necessary. It is a “No Problems” program.
Maintenance Solutions
The lasers long suite is helping with maintenance. Many unique and challenging applications will arise and the laser is capable of being modified to meet these varying maintenance requirements.
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