Commercial Laser Corporation - Laser Ablation Technology
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The amplification of light into a usable energy beam has quietly infiltrated our day to day technology. The laser is found in electronics, printing, surveying, medicine, welding, military and space exploration to name a few.

LASER at work

Ablation is the application utilized by Commercial Laser Corporation. The ability of the laser energy beam to treat surfaces in products and equipment makes the laser tool a valuable industry asset. In addition, the laser meets the desirable green methodology.

LASER savings

Laser speed and efficiency leads to the savings of time, labor and thus project costs. Business is always considering the bottom line and laser technology will contribute to the desired profitability.

About Commercial Laser Corp

Commercial Laser Corporation laser ablation technology can be modified to meet many different applications and thus become the solution to a multitude of  industry surface cleaning problems.  Laser treatment can eliminate the use of chemicals and when accompanied with our hi-volume vacuum filtration system creates a very green approach to maintenance.


This is a list of a few industries with which laser technology has applications:

    1. Aviation Maintenance
    2. Hydraulic Servicing
    3. Industrial Cleaning
    4. Building Surface Renovation
    5. Bridge Maintenance
Our Mission

We are adamant about doing business and providing laser technology in a manor that will make Commercial Laser Corporation the market standard for the highest level of ethical operations where our promises are our bond and reliability our mantra. Client satisfaction will always be our first priority.